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    The Little Shop - Taos is a spirited eclectic boutique that has an amazing array of stylish trendy and hip apparel, Southwestern Rustic furniture, adorable pet products, stunning hand-beaded denim jackets to strut your stuff in, cool unisex tees, serapes & alpaca blend blankets, home furnishings, personal care, travel essentials for travel enthusiasts, jewelry and much more! The trendy high-quality brands we carry are enjoyed by our customers and proudly worn or displayed with spirit, embodying the Southwest culture.

    The Little Shop also carries our own private label collections such as The Little Shop, Nomad Essentials, Nomad Spirit, Manana. High-quality personal care products, mind-body-spirit collections, jewelry, t-shirts, vegan hand sanitizers, as well as Pinon coffee are some of our top-selling items.

    Our unique, effortless concierge-personalized service makes the shopping experience enjoyable for all. The boutique is a journey and one to never forget, drawing repeat clientele and tourists from all over the world.

    Our ultimate mission is to inspire women and little girls to live out their dreams as current and future business owners and entrepreneurs, no matter what the challenges are and no matter how long it takes to get there.


    • We Sell Fair Trade Trade Items
    • Woman Owned Business - With over 35 Years Experience
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