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    The Taos County Chamber of Commerce cultivates a thriving regional economy,

    strengthens member organizations, and enhances the community’s quality of life.

  • Taos County Chamber of Commerce:

    The Taos County Chamber of Commerce was incorporated in 1962 and exists for the sole purpose of advancing our community's business, agriculture, and commercial sectors through the building of entrepreneurial and economic growth. We represent over 400 businesses in Taos County and beyond. We serve members of all shapes and sizes; in the arts, telecommunications, real estate, travel, construction, and more!

    Taos County Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)6, our funding comes from memberships, events, and sponsorships.

    We live in a tremendous place with diverse cultures, adventure, natural beauty, and home to talented and generous people. The Taos County Chamber of Commerce includes collaborative, community-minded problem solvers and business advocates. Your Chamber business and partner affiliations support your business, help maximize exposure to the local community & visitors, providing access to the people & resources to grow your business in Taos and beyond. 
    - If you would like a referral or information on member businesses, please contact our office at (575) 751-8800.

    Taos County Chamber of Commerce Members Make Business Better!


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  • Celebrating serving Taos for 60 years!


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  • Board of Directors:


  • Mary-Mylet-w250.jpg
  • Mary Mylet, Chair Board of Directors,

    Class of 2026


  • ContessaTrujillo-headshot_2023.jpg
  • Contessa Trujillo, Secretary, Board of  Directors,

    Class 2026

  • Ilona Spruce
  • Ilona Spruce, Vice - Chair, Boad of Directors,

    Class of 2026


  • Lynn-Skall-Professional-Head-Shot-w911-w770.jpg
  • Lynn Skall, Treasurer Board of Directors,

    Class of 2027


  • Michael-Santistevan-w200.jpg
  • Michael Santistevan, Director,

    Class of 2025


  • Dee_Doubleday-w250.jpg
  • Ralph Garcia, Directors

    Class of 2027


  • Victoria-Gonzales-pic-w250.jpg
  • Enrico Trujillo, Director,

    Class of 2027


  • Larry-Mapes-w250.png
  • Elizabeth Le Blanc, Director,

    Class of 2025


  • Suzie-Benton-w150.jpg
  • Suzie Benton, Director

    Class of 2025


  • J_Prunty_pic-w150.jpg
  • Jacquelene McHorse, Director,

    Class of 2027


  • GT
  •       Gabriel Traister, Director,

                  Class of 2026


  • Karen_Livense-w100.JPG-w150.jpg
  • Robyn Chavez, Director,

    Class of 2027


  • Staff


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  • Lindsey Pfaff Bain

    Executive Director

    Taos County Chamber of Commerce 


    1139 Paseo del Pueblo Sur, Taos, NM 87571

    Inside: Taos Pueblo Collective/ Town of Taos Visitor Center 

    Make an appointment! 

    Email: lindsey@taoschamber.com

    Or call 575-751-8800.

    Taos Pueblo Collective / Taos Visitor Center 

     Taos Visitor Center 1201 Paseo del Pueblo, Taos, NM, 87571

    Open: Tuesday-Friday; From 10 am - 5 pm

    Visitor Center: phone number: 575-758-3873