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    • Slot Host/Hostess

      Posted: 12/23/2023

      Floor Duties:

      1. Must ensure general security of the floor and report any undesirable activities to Slot Director, Slot Supervisor, and Manager on Duty.
      2. Must ensure security and safety of all equipment and report any dangerous conditions to the Slot Director, Slot Supervisor and Manager on Duty.
      3. Any machine that a Slot Floor Attendant gets called to twice for same malfunction must be reported to the supervisor or technician for repair.
      4. This will ensure optimum slot machine operation by reporting any malfunctions quickly.
      5. Must have a thorough knowledge of machine instructions and codes.
      Guest Relations:
      1. Have a complete knowledge of all property facilities available to guests.
      2. Be polite at all times and pay attention to each guests’ needs.
      3. Create a friendly and welcome atmosphere by facial expression, tone of voice and greeting.
      4. Answer promptly any calls for assistance from guests and assist them in any way possible relating to the playing of machines.
      5. Deal with questions, disputes and complaints in a diplomatic and professional manner and refer any unsettled disputes that require a large monetary amount to the Slot Director, Slot Supervisor or Manager on Duty.
      Over All Responsibilities:
      The Slot Floor Attendant/technician is designated to the casino floor.  The responsibilities of the slot floor attendant/technician are as follows:
      1. Respond to machine malfunctions.
      1. Respond to tower lights.
      2. Reading the error message on the machine.
      3. Addressing guests concerns and explaining what you will do.