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    Below are the steps for a business to claim their listing. In order for a business to be included on the "Shop Taos Online" page, select the "Shop Online" category when signing up.

    In order to claim your listing, please do the following:

    • Visit: https://taos.org/business/
    • Click the red 'Claim A Listing' button
    • Find your business in that list and click 'Claim Listing'
    • Follow the process and you'll be able to update the information, including the image. You should have an image ready before you go through the process to make it easy. The ideal image size is 500px x 304px.

    For help with the sign-up process and step-by-step instructions, please visit: https://taos.org/business/directory-support/

    If your business is located in the Town of Taos and you haven’t already been contacted by the Town concerning your Google Business Listing, please email Judy Esquibel at ask@taos.org. It’s important all Taos businesses claim their listing and provide up-to-date content and images for visitors searching for your product or service. We’ll help you through it!

    To list your business on the NM True website, visit https://www.newmexico.org/industry/work-together/partners-portal/partners-sign-up/ and sign up. It’s free and gets lots of traffic!

    Find out more information on how your product may leverage the benefits of becoming an NM True Certified Product: newmexico.org/industry/work-together/true-certified/

    This program trains New Mexico businesses in COVID-Safe Practices to help ensure all of us - from owners and managers to employees and customers - remain safe as New Mexico restarts its economy. https://nmsafecertified.org/

    There will be more programs coming out as we navigate the times. Take advantage of all the free opportunities to leverage your business, product and services online so we can better promote all Taos offerings.

    TAOS.org – The official online travel guide to Taos, New Mexico.

  • Small Business Saturday


    Gross Receipts Tax Holiday

    See this video for small business resources and information on the tax holiday.

    This year’s Small Business Saturday New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax Holiday will be Saturday, November 28, 2020. For this one day, the state suspends collection of gross receipts tax on sales of qualifying items at certain small business. The tax holiday begins at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, November 28, 2020 and concludes at midnight of Saturday, November 28, 2020.

    During that time the law provides a deduction from gross receipts for retail sales of qualifying tangible personal property; in effect allowing the retailer to sell the items “tax free.”

    B-200.31 Small Business Saturday Gross Receipts Tax Holiday contains a list of qualifying items, but please note the sales price of the property must be less than $500. Types of items that qualify are clothing, accessories, sporting goods, tools, books, art, cosmetics, musical instruments, cookware, bedding, furniture, toys, games, and electronics.   

    In order for a business to qualify for the deduction, it must maintain its primary place of business in New Mexico, and employ no more than 10 employees at any point during the year.  Businesses that operate under a franchise agreement do not qualify to deduct their receipts under this tax holiday. 

    For more specific information for small businesses on how to take the deduction on their returns please see CRS-1 Filers Kit, For Reporting Gross Receipts, Withholding and Compensating Taxes, July through December 2020.  This deduction is a separately stated deduction that should be placed on its own line and use a special deduction code D0-020.

  • Shop Indie Local: November is the new December!
    AMIBA participated in informing the development of a landmark new report, “Big Ideas for Small Business,” which was launched by a collaborative of organizations, businesses and universities to give the incoming Biden administration “A Five-Step Roadmap for Rebuilding the U.S. Small-Business Sector, Reviving Entrepreneurship, and Closing the Racial Wealth Gap.”  
    This report extensively documents the challenges facing small and independent businesses -- before and since the COVID-19 pandemic -- and it gives particular attention to the acute barriers facing minority business owners. The report proposes a 5-step roadmap:
    • Respond to the COVID-19 Crisisin the Small Business Sector via tailored loan and grant products; 
    • Unleash America’s Entrepreneurial Spiritby reducing barriers to entry, strengthening antitrust law and enforcement and investing in entrepreneurship among underrepresented founders; 
    • Shape a Financial System that Works for Main Streetthrough a new generation of federally backed debt and equity products, and strengthening local-focused financial institutions;  
    • Harness the Power of Public and Private Procurement; and
    • Measure to Manageby expanding and improving data on small business sectors and using that data to evaluate and refine programs over time.  
    You can read two great summary versions and learn more about the initiative at Bigideasforsmallbusiness.org
    Leaders of Local Roundtable Returns!
    A rebooted Leaders of Local Roundtable launched November 12, featuring…. You! In this one-hour session, IBA and affiliated organization leaders get to talk shop, share their successes, learn from their challenges and build the kind of community they need. Catch what you missed on AMIBA’s YouTube channel, right here:https://youtu.be/7mZKh4qe6XA
    Check out the recording of the most recent Leaders of Local Roundtable here, and watch your social media for news on the next one, currently scheduled for December 10. To make sure you don’t miss out, request to join the Independent Business Alliance Leaders Facebook group, where IBA leaders share ideas and get help on the daily. 
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