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    At the New Mexico Herbal Clinic, we focus on the whole health of the individual. This means that we look at your current symptoms, their root causes, and how all of this is impacting you as a whole, and then work out a treatment plan aligned with your needs and goals. To accomplish this, we use herbalism and other holistic therapies — like Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Auriculotherapy (with ear seeds), aromatherapy patches, non-transdermal patches for energy, insomnia, stem cell activation, pain, and more, and Shamanic healing techniques — to bring you back into a mind/body/spirit balance.

    We will work in coordination with your primary physician to be certain you receive the very best in both conventional and unconventional treatment.

    We are proud that we are one of the first New Mexico businesses to become NM COVID Safe Certified! We are dedicated to the health and safety of every person who walks through our doors. To this end, we offer both in-person (with safety precautions) and virtual appointments. Any herbal preparations you may need will be created and made available for pick-up or we can mail them to you (adding in the shipping charges). When you schedule your appointment, we’ll send you our Consent and Disclosure and Intake forms to complete before we meet.


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