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  • Taos Pueblo Family Navigator

    Posted: 10/25/2022

    Job Title: Taos Pueblo Family Navigator & Enrichment Coordinator
    Employment Status: Full-Time
    Benefits: 24 Paid Leave Days, Generous Holidays, Healthcare and Dental Insurance
    Salary: $21/hour; $43,680/year
    Location: Taos, NM
    Reports to: Youth Heartline Executive Director and Taos Pueblo Division of Health and Community Services Social Services Manager

    Background: Youth Heartline is a non-profit agency that provides advocacy and support for vulnerable, abused, and neglected children and their families in Colfax, Taos, and Union Counties of Northern New Mexico. It maintains two locations, one in Taos, and a second office in Raton. Youth Heartline operates a wide range of programs to assist families, including support for children and families within court systems, providing psychoeducation and group therapeutic support, helping families navigate systems and benefits, and conducting community outreach within its service areas. Youth Heartline’s programs employ evidence-based approaches with an interest in modeling and advocating for long-term systems change that will provide a base for continued improved outcomes for families in northern New Mexico.

    Job Description: The Taos Pueblo Family Navigator (TPFN) in collaboration with Taos Pueblo Social Services and Victim Assistance provides trauma informed support, structure, crisis intervention, and advocacy for Native families in Taos County. The TPFN conducts a needs assessment and develops, arranges, and coordinates a plan for safety, support, assistance, and other needed services including mental health treatment support and empowerment groups, substance use recovery services, legal assistance, and ancillary health and social services. Using a Housing First approach, the TPFN offers assistance to identify and secure housing for families as quickly as possible. The housing first activities may include but are not limited to active recruitment and retention of landlords and housing managers willing to rent to native families; housing unit search and identification; aid to families in gathering documents needed for housing placement; completion of the housing and subsidy application process; and movement of basic housing needs.

    • Offer rapid response (e.g., a phone call within 48 to 72 hours) when a family has requested assistance.
    • Help clients/families with goal setting
    • Empower clients/families to make informed choices that are right for them.
    • Assess client/families’ needs and strengths
    • Collect assessment and referral information
    • Coach client/families on how to identify and access the supports they need
    • Refer client/families to community resources
    • Help client/families understand mental health evaluations, diagnosis, and treatment process
    • Discuss options in an unbiased and culturally sensitive manner
    • Explain process, rights and responsibilities, and timelines for services
    • Support transition, safety, and reentry planning
    • Identify relevant benefits programs (e.g., Medicaid, SNAP, General Assistance); support enrollment as appropriate.
    • Provide topical training for families, school staff, and community organizations
    • Engage in school or community outreach and awareness events
    • Collaborate and receive clinical supervision from the Taos Pueblo Social Services Supervisor for continued educational development.
    • Keep and maintain records in accordance with Youth Heartline and Taos Pueblo Social Services/OVC requirements, including monthly and quarterly reports.
    • Remain current with best practice through regular training as outlined by Youth Heartline and TP Social Service/OVC programs.

    • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major coursework in human services, social work, psychology, counseling, sociology, or related field/experience
    • Understands and values equity as an organizational operating principle and is committed to continued learning on issues related to justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • The ability to follow strict guidelines to maintain client confidentiality.
    • The ability to work independently with minimal supervision, to seek supervision as needed, and to work as a team member.
    • Good organizational skills amidst stressful situations.
    • Must possess a valid NM driver’s license and own working vehicle. Must have and maintain a clean driving record.
    • Proficient computer skills, especially in word processing and spreadsheets.

    • Training and experience in trauma-informed care.
    • Strong advocacy skills, including:
        -The ability to identify client’s strengths and needs;
        -The ability to connect client to appropriate community resources;
        -The ability to respond to clients in crisis with appropriate interpersonal communication and intervention skills; 
        -Knowledge of and skills with legal & medical advocacy; 
        -Being assertive, while maintaining ethical & professional behavior when advocating for victims’ rights.