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    • Chief Executive Officer

      Posted: 08/08/2023

      The Taos Pueblo Business Development Corporation was established by Taos Pueblo Tribal
      Council as a federally chartered corporation to develop and oversee economic development
      projects for Taos Pueblo.
      The Corporation’s primary purpose is to generate revenue for Taos Pueblo. Without sacrificing
      revenue generation, the Corporation shall also serve to promote economic development and
      employment consistent with Taos Pueblo values.
      Job Summary
      The Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation and shall be responsible for carrying out all
      decisions of the Board of Directors and operating the corporation on a day-to-day basis.
      The Chief Executive Officer provides leadership for all aspects of the Corporation’s operations
      with an emphasis on long-term goals, growth, profit, and return on investment.
      The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has the primary responsibility of providing oversight and
      management business outreach and operational services to improve productivity, efficiencies,
      and revenue optimization for the Corporation.

      Email Resume to: Chair@Taospueblobusinessdevelopment.com