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  • Non-Drug Pain and Stress Relief

    Finally! Vibration Massagers that WORK!
    10/05/2020 - 12/31/2020

    Zeous Power is proud to offer a line of purpose-made pain and stress relief vibration massagers never before available anywhere! Our "BodyPower" products are for those of you suffering from perpetual if not malignant pain and stress from the pain. We have designed a completely new category of non-drug pain relief measures with truly effective vibrating massagers which redefine pain management!

    We have designed a line of purpose-made vibrating products for people that can be "worn" in order to target the vibration directly into the problem area. In addition we designed a Power Controller which enables you to control the vibrating frequency which "cancels" out the pain signals your nervous system is transporting. Early stage testing has been a resounding success for people with substantial spine, neck, leg, and foot injuries which make life a misery on a daily basis. 

    Please visit our website: www.zeouspower.com

    Here you will see the products we make locally here in Taos, NM and how you can gain meaningful and effective pain management with years of service from our products!