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  • Turbinique V9 High Power Personal Wind Turbine

    REAL wind power - Finally!
    10/05/2020 - 12/31/2020

    The Turbinique Wind Engine V9 is a truly unique and visually exciting Green Technology product. Wind power has been an elusive attainment to the consumer with very few options available and with most of the options being of "imports" which when they break cannot be repaired. Our model has been designed with a 50+ year structural life expectancy! Made in Taos, NM!

    Our product solves a myriad of issues. First of all the aesthetics. We use the very same "fan" that millions of water pumper wind mills all over the planet have used for 125+ years. We then offer a standard wind vane -or- will customize to your specifications. Our turbine uses DC generators which supply power in even the slightest of wind speeds and can be coupled into an existing solar installation. Further our models are sized according to your needs power wise from a small version of 2 kilowatts all the way up to 50,000 watts (50 kilowatts). All are built to order in Taos, NM Believe it or not a small 2KW unit in an area of good wind speeds will provide enough power to the battery bank to supply a very large home. You would need to be wasting allot of power if your home is using 2KW every hour all day long (24 hour period).....

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