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October 25, 2010

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One place to find everything you need:
New specialty topics you can add to your site
News-to-know: Ability to add documents and weblinks to your site
Your Tools are being added to Google Places. Look for a postcard from Google with your code!
New partner options help you share Tools costs
Plus other ways we can help you promote the Tools that you will find in!
....Enjoy your day! Carolyn, Kay, and Saba
Share on Facebook Visit our blog Coming soon: Survey to make sure we're meeting your needs - Access to EVERYTHING... much of it is NEW!!! has everything you need to promote and customize your Tools website. On this page, you can:
Schedule a community training session
Order business cards promoting the Tools
Download a flyer
Order posters
Request a video clip of your Tools - NEW!

Create a new business welcome email for your business license department - NEW!
Add items to your News to Know - NEW!
Select special topics - NEW!
Turn on and off your sponsor bar - NEW!
Check it out!

New specialty topics you can add to your Tools

We are adding specialty topics that are available for your Tools. These will be in addition to the Veteran Resources, Business Networking and Just Starting Out buttons that are on everyone's landing page.

Now, we are adding specialty topics and allowing you to choose what you want on your site.

Youth in Business
Business Tools for Agriculture
Tourism/Hospitality Tools
Manufacturing Tools (coming soon)
Tools for the Fishing Industry
Tools for the Lumber Industry

To choose one or more of these specialty topics, go to and click on "Choose Special Topics". We will replace any local or state resources for these specialty topics with your local information (if available).

If there are additional topics that you are interested in, please email us.

Remember - these topics will NOT be added to your site unless you request them (except our sample sites that are shown above).

BRAND NEW : News to Know feature

We've added a News to Know feature on your landing page, with "LOOK" eyes. This feature will include any timely information (deadlines) uploaded documents or special links that you want to highlight. If there is no news, the News to Know will not appear. Each item has an expiration date, after which the item will no longer appear.

You also have the option to add a scrolling text line with your news on it.

To see an example, go to Woodland's site at:

Everyone currently has a "LOOK" scroll-down on their landing page (if you don't, please let us know). We have put some national news on them, and for Oregon sites, we have also added some new state information.

You can add News-to-Know items by going to and selecting "Add Items to News to Know". You can also delete items at the same location. You can also invite your partners (chambers, SBDCs, etc.) to add information and documents to your News to Know by sending them an invitation, available on the same page.

IMPORTANT! Look for a Postcards from Google! We need the code to activate your site.

Google Places is a free service that helps people find LOCAL businesses. All your business community should know about this, so we have added it in your Tools, under the Buy Local section, but we also want to add YOUR TOOLS as a local site.
Google uses a postcard system to validate any entries. So, in the next week or two, you will receive a postcard which will contain a code that we need to complete the process.

Your Tools for Business site will appear with our phone number and email (so people aren't calling you about the Tools), and your address. Here is an example of what Amador County's entry looks like

Here is more information about Google Places

When you receive the postcard, please email Carolyn with the code or phone us at (866)429-1527, ext 1.

Money is tight - but there has never been a time when starting and growing businesses has been more important. Now is the time to partner.

Ask your community partners to put a link on their website to your Tools.
Think about: Library, Chamber, city, EDC, visitors bureau, Workforce, SBDC, local SCORE chapter
In PromoteIt, we have put together many ways that you can partner with some or all of these organizations.

Want to share the cost of the Tools with others? We will work with you with these options:
You can display your partners as sponsors
You can share a header. Click here for an example
We can create a separate site for your partners with the same information, but different headers (there would be a fee for this).
Our new specialized topics will make it easier for you to partner with other agencies and share costs of the Tools:

The Youth in Business is a good tool if you partner with your local Workforce agency.
The Tourism/Hospitality Tools is perfect if you partner with your Visitors Bureau.
Agriculture Tools are great if you partner with your Cooperative Extension.
Contact us if you want us to help you partner. is a customized webfeed that allows cities, chambers, EDCs, counties, SBDCs, and Small Business support organizations to provide a full toolkit with local, state, federal and best-of-the-web resources. The cost is under $2000 per year and takes virtually no effort on your part.

Tools for Business Success, LLC

Carolyn Usinger (866)429-1527 x1 Kay Reynolds (209)296-8225 Saba Hailu (866)429-1527 x3

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